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Public Lectures

‘EXCITUNE’ Spectroscopy computer game

  • Explorathon’15, National Museum of Scotland, 25 September 2015
  • Open Days, School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh, 26 September 2015

Creation and creativity through the eyes of a (quantum) scientist’

  • THE CRAG Lecture Series on Creativity, Edinburgh (2015 Feb)

The future of X-ray crystallography’

  • International Year of Crystallography public lecture series, Edinburgh (2014 Jun)

Diffraction before destruction: The future of science at x-ray free-electron lasers’

  • International Science Festival, Edinburgh (2014 Mar)

Powers of Ten’

  • African Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Cape Town (2012 Jan)

Colliding matters’

  • Queen’s College Symposium, Oxford (2004 Nov)

Other Outreach

Appearances in Media